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         I'm your diner waitress    
            You'll find me dishing up homeschool favorites, hot off the grill,
                       at your friendly neighborhood Homeschool Diner!

                          Interested in what I do in my "spare" time?  ...Well, I keep busy...

    I'm a mom, a homeschooling parent (since 2000), a technical writer, and a marketing
    professional.  I am also a scientist at heart (and by degree) and an artist, when I get the
    chance.  What I really love the most, though, is being a mom.  Even though it's "pro bono" work
    it's, by far, the most rewarding job I've ever had.  I also love all things "mid-century modern", as
    you may have noticed from the theme of this website.

    I'm very involved in the global homeschooling community.  I am active in "real-life" local
    and regional homeschool groups. I also participate in many online homeschool support groups --
    local, state, regional, US, UK and in many other countries around the world.  I love teaching
    homeschool co-op classes on a variety of topics.  I moderate several online homeschool forums,
    and I present workshops at both homeschool and gifted education conferences.  

    I enjoy writing about homeschooling.  I have written newsletter articles for several local and
    state non-profits.  I also wrote and self-published a children's books about homeschooling, titled
    I learn at Home  "Today's Lesson: Japan" which is available for purchase on this website. Two
    other books in this series are in various stages of creation. I hope I find the time to finish them!  

    I consider myself a life-long learner, and I see homeschooling as a wonderful way to instill a
    love of learning in our children.  I firmly believe that those who enjoy learning, want to acquire
    new skills, and aren't afraid to tackle new technologies will find their way in life, no matter what
    educational or career path they are on.  Homeschooling encourages all of these qualities in a
    student.  A great benefit of homeschooling is that we parents get a second education, while
    teaching our children.  (I have to say, I find that many subjects are much more interesting to me
    this time around.)

    When I'm researching a new topic, and I find a valuable resource, I love to share it with
    others.  I have passed along little resource "gems" for years, in e-groups, newsletters, and
    homeschool-related articles.  I'm looking forward to filling up this website with those treasures,
    too, so that even more parents can explore them and share them with their children. And I don't
    believe that homeschoolers should have to pay a subscription fee before they get access to
    helpful information.  

    I heartily agree with this quote from Margaret Fuller:

    "If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it."  

    In general, we homeschoolers are a very giving group of people.  We're willing to help each other
    out, to give advice when asked, resource suggestions where possible, and moral support
    whenever we are able.  I  think this willingness to share our time and knowledge is what ties
    together the homeschooling community... which, happily, includes families all over the world!    

    I hope you find something here at the Homeschool Diner that you can take home and
    give a try -- some "carry out" so to speak ;-)   

    Stop by your friendly neighborhood Homeschool Diner any time --

                                                                              we're open all night.
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