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The Homeschool Diner's Guide to

Homeschooling Basics

by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright 2006

If you're new to the idea of homeschooling, you probably have a lot of questions.  Even if you've
already started on your own homeschool adventure, there is a lot to learn along the way. But please...

                     Don't Panic

Visiting this website is a good place to start finding answers.  I also suggest that you do some research
on your own  Check your public library and local book stores for books on homeschooling (there are
hundreds to browse thru), contact your state's homeschool organization for advice on state-specific
information and requirements, and join a local or regional online support group -- because there's
nothing like talking to real-life homeschoolers to put your mind at ease.  

In the mean time, take a look at the articles in this
Homeschool Diner's Homeschooling Basics
section -- I've tried to answer some of the usual questions and discuss some of the frequent concerns
of "newbie" homeschoolers.

Just click on a topic, to read the article:

Still Deciding
Why Homeschool?
What about socialization?
Will Homeschooled Kids Survive in "The Real World"?
Certificate of Empowerment from Sandra Dodd
What about working parents and single parents?

Getting Started
Before You Begin: You Must Know Your State Laws and Any Relevant School District
De-schooling -- Getting into the "Homeschool Groove"

Do I Really Need to Buy Curriculum?
How to Avoid Costly Mistakes
Homeschooling on a Budget

But I Don't Know How to Teach!
How Will I Know What to Teach?
Do I Have to Teach Everything Myself?
Community Resources
Learning Co-ops
Field Trips
Distance Learning
What about Gifted Learners?
What about Special Education?

Considering Family Matters
Family Matters
Find answers to some common everyday questions about homeschool life,
parent involvement, issues with extended family, etc.

Finding Support
A Support Group Primer
How to find your state and local support, finding the "right" group for your family,
online discussion groups, starting your own group  

Homeschooling Basics in Other Languages
la escuela en casa
l'école à la maison

Take "The Click-O-Matic Quiz"!!
The Click-O-Matic Guide to Choosing a Homeschool Approach
an annotated guide designed to help you think about what kind of
approach you and your student really need, help you narrow your
choices, and help you find resources...

Researching Your Options
Guide to Homeschooling Approaches and Curriculum
browse descriptions of some of the most popular philosophies, methods,
types of instructional materials, and curriculum

Homeschooling families certainly aren't all alike -- are you homeschooling with a
Special Situation"?
"All adventures, especially into new
territory, are scary."
-Sally Ride, American Astronaut
Deep Thoughts
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