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The Homeschool Diner's
Site Map and Table of Contents

Homeschooler's Guide to the Galaxy - help for very new homeschoolers
Homeschooling Basics
Before You Start: Know Your State Requirements
Why Homeschool? - still deciding?  see why others have chosen to homeschool
How Do Homeschoolers View Socialization?
Will Homeschooled Children Survive in the "Real World"?
De-Schooling -- Getting into the "Homeschool Groove"
What is Curriculum and Do I Need to Buy it Right Away?
How to Avoid Costly Curriculum Mistakes
Homeschooling on a Budget
Homeschooling, Divorce, and Custody Issues
Can We Homeschool if Both of Us Work or if I'm a Single Parent?
But I Don't Know How to Teach!
How Will I Know What to Teach and When?
Do I Have to Teach Everything Myself?
Learning Co-operatives
Field Trips
Distance Learning
Community Resources
A Homeschool Support Group Primer
Family Matters
Poor losers
A Thank You Letter to Mom
Watching video games
When your parents don’t support your decision to home educate
Que es la escuela en casa?
L'école à la Maison

Homeschooling by Subject - links to curriculum and other resources
Language Arts for Homechoolers
Learning to Read
The Diner's Favorite ABC Books
Reading Struggles, Remediation, and "Catching-Up"
Handwriting Instruction
Fiction and Non-Fiction Writing
Reluctant Writers and Kids Who Hate to Write
Literature Resources
Grammar Help, "Catch-Up's" and Enrichment
Spelling Remediation, "Catch-Up's" and Enrichment
Vocabulary and Etymology
Language Arts Enrichment
Social Studies, History, and Geography
Audio-Visual Materials for Social Studies
Social Studies Textbooks and Modules
Learning Social Studies thru Literature
Independent Research in Social Studies
Hands-On Social Studies Activities
Timelines and Time Scales
Social Studies Games
Social Studies Enrichment
Building the Entrepreneurial Spirit
Community Service
Science for Homeschoolers
How Do I Teach Science at Home?
Hands-on Science Activities
Literature Based Learning of Science
Science Curriculum, Modules, Units, and Worktexts
Self-Directed Learning of Science
Science Textbooks
Science Unit Studies
Audio-Visual Materials for Science
Environmental Studies
Science Enrichment
Math Options for Homeschoolers
Help With Teaching Math
Popular Math Curriculum
Alternative Math Resources
Advanced Math: Algebra, Geometry, Trig, and Calculus
Math Skills Practice
For Gifted Math Students
Math Enrichment
The Diner's Favorite Strategy Board Games
Visual Arts, Design,  Music, and Performing Arts
Foreign Language
Physical Education, Health, and Driver's Ed

Click-O-Matic Guide to Choosing a Homeschool Approach
Student's Favorite Subjects
Student's Learning Preferences
Student's Personality
Parent's Personality
Parent's Special Considerations

Guide to Homeschool Approaches and Curriculum          
How are the Approaches Different from Each Other?
How much Choice Do I Have?
Guide to Homeschooling Approaches, with Resource Reviews
Audio-Visual Instruction
Charlotte Mason
Classical Education
Computer-Based Instruction
Delayed Instruction Approaches
Distance Learning
Umbrella/Cover Schools
Gifted Enrichment
Eclectic Homeschooling
Educational Games
Enki Homeschooling
Holistic and Alternative Homeschooling
Hands-on Instruction
Literature-Based Approaches
Montessori Homeschooling
Moore Formula
Unschooling / Self-Directed Learning
Independent Research / Self-Directed Learning
School at Home
Standards-Aligned Curriculum
Cyber Schools
Public Charter Schools
Textbook Instruction
Thomas Jefferson Education  
Unit Studies
Waldorf Homeschooling
Workbook and Worktext Instruction

Homeschooling Special Situations
Gifted and Talented
Is your Child Gifted?  
Is Your Child a Gifted Visual-Spatial Learner?
Why TAG Homeschooling? Because it Works!
Books, Websites, and Online Support for Parents
Early Graduation isn't the Only Option
Kids can be Gifted and Have Learning Disabilities?
Twice Exceptional -- an Online Resource Guide to 2E
Special Needs
Help with Social Skills
Help with Short Term Memory
Auditory Processing Disorder
Executive Dysfunction
Nonverbal Learning Disorder
Sensory Processing Disorder
Attentional Disorders
Tourette's and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Other Special Situations
Visual-Spatial and Creative Learners
Military Homeschoolers
What About Babies and Toddlers?
Learning to Communicate
High School
Preparing for Life
Preparing for College
Career Planning

I Heard it at the Diner
Homeschool Diner Conversations  --- join our discussion group!
Deep Thoughts for Homeschoolers
Homeschool Words of Wisdom
Other Great Homeschool Websites    
Headstrong Homeschoolers

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