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compiled by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright 2006

Good thing the Homeschool Diner has Wi-Fi ... ;-)

Websites can change owners without notice -- please, always double-check links for
appropriateness *before allowing children to click on links*


Sand Fantasy -- sand animations by Llana Yahav, try "Just Imagine..."

The Elephant Song --  funny song, sweet video by Eric Herman.  

After You -- cute claymation

Herding Cats -- it's a tough job...

Dog Breed Selector -- find out the best breed for your lifestyle

Virtual Gingerbread House -- decorate, print, and mail to Gramma!

Thanks a million -- if you have the time, they have the thanks

Animator vs Animation -- an animation run amuck

The Best of Pitagora Suicchi -- marble runs meet Rube Goldberg

Man in a Box -- much better than the mime routine ;-)

Trivia Quizzes from Mental Floss Magazine

Penguins write your name in snow -- call in the kids! :-)

"deng deng" by Sami Kyöstilä -- uhh... different (but funny ;-)

The Woods Smell of Shampoo by Koert -- a full-length documentary
exploring the effects of media experiences on our consciousness

Classic TV Themesongs from TVLand

Live Science Trivia: Body Quiz -- know your body parts?

Paper Snowflakes -- the real 6-sided ones (don't run with scissors! ;-)

Google Moon -- zoom in and fly over Apollo landing sites

12-sided calendar -- download a dodecahedron to assemble

Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey -- from Saturday Night Live...

Make your own e-Cards by zefrank and lotsofwires

The Ultimate Rejection Letter by Chris Jensen

letter-ama -- type your name, see what happens

yugop -- various screen-saver type interactive animations

Nate's Time Fountain -- amazing strobe light trick

Fish Faces and more Fish Faces!

Blue Ball Machine -- follow the bouncing ball...

tinygrow -- click to create bizarre landscapes and eyeballs...

Their Circular Life -- enjoy timelapse photos and tips

Ruben's Tube -- flaming sound waves... what more can I say?

Sketch Swap -- sketch a picture and receive one in return!

Drum Machine -- exotic intro folowed by taiko drum animation

Singing Horses -- "click" on acapella horses

Times Trick -- an interesting multiplication method to mull over

Online Slang Translator -- convert English to IM text language

100 Acre Personality Quiz -- which Pooh character are you most like?

How Many of Me Are There? -- how many in the US have your name?

Hats of Meat -- the latest fashion...

Tom Lehrer's The Element Song -- animated by Mike Stanfill
(choose "Dial-up" or "Broad Band" to begin)  Now, check out this
4 year
old singing it from memory! Wow!! What a memory!!!

Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas -- make a pollock-like masterpiece

The original 'Who's On First' with Bud Abbott and Lou Costello --
complete text and mp3 recording!  courtesy of Free Woodworking Plans

Learn Morse Code in a Minute -- a listening tool and visual flowchart

62 Optical Illusions and Visual Phenomena --  groovy!

The Amazing Lego Church -- even grown-ups like Legos

The World Clock -- got the time?  

Grocery Store Wars --

The Infinite Cat Project -- great site to browse...if you like cats ;-)

First Lines -- a "sort of" literacy Quiz

Icon's Story -- by MasoDigital Studio

Julian Beaver's Pavement Drawings -- way cool 3-D like drawings

Mindless Diner Fun :-)
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