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The Homeschool Diner's Guide to

Umbrella Schools and Cover Schools for
Homeschool Distance Learning

by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright 2006

Here are several Distance Learning "Umbrella" or "Cover" schools which
can oversee and provide record-keeping services (grades, transcripts,
diplomas, etc.) for homeschooled students.  Many will customize the
curriculum for each student, some will work with the family to incorporate
specific homeschool philosophies or preferred materials.  Most will allow
students to take individual courses without enrolling in their program.  

Also visit the "
School-at-Home" section for institutions and suppliers of
standards-aligned curriculum and for "Cyber School" options.  Also check
out the "
Computer Based Instruction" section for ala carte options and
a list of free online learning resources.

Laural Springs -- preK -12 accredited private school, families choose
educational approach - choice-based, project-based, text-based,
inter-active web-based, or a "customized learning option",  very flexible,
good for homeschoolers with other passions, works with each family to
create a curriculum suited to each child

Clonlara -- K - 12, Is a private day school that also enrolls
homeschoolers  - accredited, private school high school diplomas issued,
provides record-keeping and optional achievement tests, Allows early high
school graduation if requirements are met.  For high school, has flexible
curriculum requirements using student chosen texts, etc. Has optional
online program.  "...Ours is as close to a "do it yourself' program as we
can get it, designed for those who want assistance on the way. You, the
parent, are "the expert", more capable of establishing and maintaining a
successful educational process for your child than any school could.
Clonlara School is your guide, coach, shoulder to lean on, listening ear,
records keeper, and all around HELPER..."

The American School -- 9 - 12 an accredited curriculum used as
supplement by public schools or independently by homeschoolers, issues
high school diplomas, college prep independent study based on
textbooks, work at your own pace

Keystone National High School -- 9-12 accredited correspondence and
cyber school, high school diplomas, transcripts, textbook-based
correspondence or optional
"iSchool" online courses, work at your own
pace, 30 years experience

North Atlantic Regional High School, 9 -12 an accredited private high
school in Maine, issues private school high school diplomas, parents and
students select materials to meet school requirements, a custom designed
program for each student, work at your own pace, no age limits,

West River Academy - 9 - 12 - an private Umbrella school designed for
unschooling families, issues high school diplomas -

Westbridge Academy - ability-based (rather than age-based) education,
individualized academic plans prepared for each student, the school
allows acceleration and compaction and supports early graduation, where
appropriate.  Offers educational options for various academic methods
(classical, traditional, unschooling, etc) and is open to student and parent
curriculum preferences.

The Trent Schools - the world's oldest Internet homeschool service,
offers a separate gifted program, all courses are completely online, no
books or CD-Roms, ability-based program where children are allowed to
work at different grade levels in different subjects,  offers a separate
"Professional Child" program for children heavily involved in professional
pursuits that require extensive travel (such as acting and athletics),

3D Learn Interactive Academy - an accredited private school offering  a
standards-aligned "multi-sensory 3-D curriculum" for grades 7-12, high
tech interactive online environment - a virtual reality learning framework -
that requires an estimated 4 - 5 hours online each day, plus additional
at-home hands-on activities, offers full or  part-time enrollment, boasts a
14:1 student to teacher ratio, issues accredited high school diplomas -

World-Wide Learn - a compiled directory of on-line courses for high
school and beyond

TutorVista -- inexpensive tutoring services out of an Asian call center,
straight monthly fee,  read a article about this service

Guide to Online Degrees - a list of institutions that allow students to
earn college degrees thru online distance education

Pennsylvania Homeschoolers -- online AP test prep classes and SAT
essay-writing classes for homeschoolers

National Repository of Online Classes: AP -- free, self-study, online
AP courses in science, math, and history

There are many other "umbrella schools" which do not offer their own
curriculum, but will work with homeschoolers to maintain records and
approve curriculum choices.  Do a Google search for your stateto
research that option.

There are also many free and subscription online courses, modules
and curriculum -- you will find them within each school subject in the
Homeschooling by Subject section of the Diner.
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