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The Homeschool Diner's Guide to
Waldorf (or Steiner) Homeschooling

by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright 2006

This method was first formulated by Austrian educator Rudolf Steiner in
1907 in his book, "
The Education of the Child in the Light of Spiritual
".  According to his philosophy, a child's learning is based on  
developmental stages, distinct 7-year cycles, which guide what a child
should learn and when.  Rather than merely imposing intellectual content
on a child or offering instruction in a rigid or lifeless way, Waldorf
education is designed to awaken the child to his own inner nature and to
that of the outer world.  Waldorf homeschooling is a "developmentally
appropriate education", in which formal education is  delayed until age 7.  

Waldorf instruction relies on lecture-based experiential learning where a
subject is introduced through direct experiences, then children are guided
to explore the subject, then the concept is discussed as a group. Waldorf
emphasizes arts and crafts, music and movement, natural science,
spirituality, and group social skills.  Children routinely journal their
experiences, thoughts, and conclusions,  including daily drawing and

The Waldorf philosophy was designed to be used in small private schools,
but the methods have been adapted for homeschooling.  Here are several
online resources that support Waldorf Homeschooling:

Waldorf 101 -- from the Waldorf Family network

Waldorf in the Home - a website and a two-day conference held
annually each fall in Fair Oaks, California and in Boulder, Colorado to
help homeschoolers implement Waldorf philosophies at home

Oak Meadow - PreK - 12 Waldorf inspired curriculum, both printed and
online versions available

Live Education! - K - 8 Waldorf curriculum modified for home use

Christopherus Homeschool Resources -- K - 12 curriculum overviews,
guides for teaching various subjects, discussion forum, etc

Waldorf Homeschoolers - audio lectures for parents, online lessons,
curriculum resources, discussion forum, etc.

The Baldwin Online Children's Literature Project - complete online
texts of books now in the public domain (1880 to 1922), a wealth of
material, including titles commonly used in Waldorf homeschooling

WE Homeschool -- online support for Waldorf Education at home

Waldorf Homeschool Special Needs -- online support group
"Our highest endeavor must be to develop free human beings, who are able
of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives."
-- Rudolf Steiner
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