A fun introduction to homeschool life
written especially for young children  

Fosters a positive image of homeschooling

Helps parents see how easy it is to create
unit studies from library materials
Yes!  It's a Storybook for Homeschoolers!
about the book
Join homeschoolers Rosie and Jon
as they enjoy a unit study on Japan.

"There are hundreds of books out there to help children get
excited about going to school.  It's nice to find a book that does
the same for homeschoolers."
   -- Cindy, homeschool parent
"My daughter was very happy to be reading a story about other
homeschooled kids.  She even asked if we could do some of the
same activities that Rosie and Jon had done in the story!  So,
we're going to be doing our own unit study on Japan next week."
                                                   -- Kelly, homeschool parent
"Even my older daughter enjoyed the Internet resources at the
end of the story"
                          -- Gitte, homeschool parent
"I Learn at Home --
Today's Lesson: Japan"
Copyright 2006 Julie Shepherd Knapp
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Designed to be read aloud, this gentle tale of joyful homeschooling
was written for children ages 4 to 8.  

The black and white charcoal-style illustrations leave details, such
as the faces of the characters, to the imagination of the reader,
helping children identify with Rosie and Jon.  

The “I Learn at Home” Series explores some of the many ways of
learning that are possible in a home setting.  This particular story
may be useful as an introduction to homeschooling, as a
springboard for parent-created unit studies, or simply as a way for
homeschooled children to identify with other homeschooling families.

Story and illustrations by Julie Shepherd Knapp
Hand constructed, soft cover, 25 pages.
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