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The Homeschool Diner's Guide to
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by Julie Shepherd Knapp

Learning to Communicate

How children learn to talk, developmental milestones, how to help

Activities to Encourage Speech and Language development

Vocal Development in Babies -- the natural course of early language
development during the first two years

How Children Learn and Unlearn the Languages of the World an
interesting book by Charles Yang of the University of Pennsylvania

Developmental Milestones in Talking -- what to expect from ages 2
to 3 and what to look out for

How Can Parents Promote Speech Development in a Toddler?
a video by a homeschool mom / speech-language pathologist

Learning to Speak Properly -- what  is expected at ages 3 - 5?  
Should I worry about lisping, stuttering, and understandability?

Speech Articulation Games -- by Tracy Gefroh Boyd

Speech Development Songs by Twin Sisters Productions -- fun
songs to practice different letter sounds, tongue exercises

Take Home: Preschool Language Development by Martha Drake
for LinguiSystems, "empowers parents with interaction techniques and
fun activities to enhance their child’s speech and language development
at home"

Communicating Partners -- education and strategies for parents of  
late-talking and  non-communicative children

Home Based Speech Therapy Plan -- by Another Path website for
homeschooling deaf and HOH children

The Stuttering Foundation -- information for parents and kids: what is
stuttering (stammering), what causes it, what can kids do to help each
other (there is a short video made by kids).  Also, available on this
website --
Stuttering: Basic Clinical Skills a DVD that shows the types
of therapy are available thru specially trained Speech-Language
Pathologists (specializing in stuttering).  A technology called
Auditory Feedback also looks promising -- it is used by some speech-
language pathologists.  Portable devices, such as
SpeechEasy can
also be bought privately, though I have no info on their quality or

Pumpkin Faces -- explore non-verbal communication thru facial
exprssions  (See more games and activities like this in the Diner's
Social Skills section)

Signing Time -- teach babies and toddlers to use sign language,
promotes bonding, may ease tantrums, free online video demo
Video Dictionary of Baby Signs -- free online from Baby Hands
Born2Sign -- book and DVD and free download for infant sign language
ASL Alphabet Coloring Pages printouts from DLTK
ASL Printouts from Enchanted learning

Teaching Left-Handers to Write -- suggestions from the Handedness
Research Institute

Related Issues

Baby Steps: Learn the Signs. Act Early -- a short video advises
parents of babies and toddlers be aware of milestones and track child's
development so they can spot developmental problems early on

Red Flags of Autism -- several behaviors in babies and toddlers that
mean you should talk to your pediatrician about autism *right away*

Excess Teacher Talk Swamps Children -- by Linda Doherty,
education editor of the Sydney Morning Herald -- research center for prosopagnosia ("face blindness"),
an impairment in the recognition of faces, and often other types (place
recognition, car recognition, facial expression of emotion, etc.)

Listening to Nursing Children by Patty Wipfler -- crying is one of
baby's way of communicating... this article talks about learning to listen

Liar, liar, neurons fire by Michael Price -- some research about
children and lying

Need Help with Social Skills? -- lots of resources for all types of kids
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