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What's on Your Reading List?

by Julie Shepherd knapp, copyright 2006

How to find the best books for your children...

As the saying goes, "So many books and so little time!"   But how do we
know which are the really good books, and which books are appropriate
for the age and interests of our children?  Sometimes it can help to see
what others have recommended and to read reviews of children's books.  
Several lists and review sources are listed below.  Also, and
other online booksellers often have multiple reviews for the same book.  
For help on how to discuss, critique, and analyze books with your
children see
Study Guides Discussion Guides, and Book Reports.
Don't forget that many of the classics are now available as free online
text!  Some sources for these free e-books are listed below.

Book Award Lists, Suggested Reading Lists

ATN Booklists -- hundreds of children's reading lists categorized by
theme, genre, author, school subject, read alouds, similar books, etc

American Library Association -- describes the qualifications for 27
different book awards and lists award winning books for each  

Newbery Award Books by Theme -- high-quality, award-wining  
children's literature grouped by topic

Literature Learning Ladders -- a listing of books that have won the
Newbery Award for excellence in children's literature, search by theme or

AwardWeb: Hugo Award Winners -- a listing of books that were
awarded the Hugo Award for outstanding science fiction (since 1953)

HardSF Reading Lists -- lists of "Hard" Science Fiction (not fantasy or
space soap operas), by author, by awards, and suggested lists  

Star Trek Summer Reading Reviews - a review of new books in 2007
and a listing of some current the book series, from

The Boston Globe - Horn Book Awards --  award winners since 1967

The ALA's Non-fiction Series Round-up -- find non-fiction books that
are a series, by grade-level or topic

Summer Reading List: The News Media -- non-fiction for interested
teens and adults

Juvenile Series and Sequels -- an alphabetized listing maintained by
the Mid-Continent public Library

Carol Hurst's Children's Book Reviews -- books listed alphabetically

Classics in the Classroom by Michael Clay Thompson -- includes 1300
classics (K - college) arranged alphabetically (by author), all genres,
available thru Royal Fireworks Press

Classical Christian Education Support Loop: 1000 Good Books List
-- (pre-K -12) grade-level reading lists that include poetry, classics, and
many Newbery award books

An Old-Fashioned Education -- a Christian-focused website that has
categorized and linked to hundreds of free online texts and e-books,
many children's and adult's classics.

Living Math -- literature that brings math to life (for all ages) everything
from picture books to chapter books!

NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Books for Children -- yearly lists
of good books on science topics, chosen by science teachers

Must-Read Science Fiction -- a list for teachers of science fiction, only
includes young adult and adult, though.  Young readers can begin with
books by Madeleine L'Engle and John Christopher ;-)

Some of My Best Friends are Books by

The Homeschool Diner's Favorite ABC Books

100 Picture Books Everyone Should Know -- from NYC Public Library

Keeping up with the Kids by Adrienne the Children's Librarian -- how
to keep tabs on what's new and what's good in children's literature

Graphics Library by Capstone - comic book history and biographies
for grades 3 - 8, illustrated by Marvel and DC Comics artists, fun for all
and great for struggling and reluctant readers

U Reads Program -- for our older teens, recommendations and reviews
of adult fiction and biography, from the University of Minnesota

Clifton Fadiman's Lifetime Reading Plan -- author, broadcast
personality, and editor and judge for the Book-of-the-Month Club for over
50 years, an amazingly diverse collection of his "must-read" books (plus
ordering information for the hard-to-find ones), older teen to adult

Women in Fiction -- a great list of "Chic Lit" from the Monroe Co.
Library, many with mature content for teens and up

Baldwin Online Children's Literature Project -- free online text of
children's stories written before 1922, "bringing yesterday's classics to
today's children", a wonderful resource by Lisa Ripperton

Fractured Fairy Tales -- a list of books that are take-offs or different
versions of famous tales, from the U of Calgary

Banned Books -- a list of lists, books banned thru the ages (387 BC to
the present), many texts available free online, from the UPenn library  

Free Online Texts

Storynory: Children's Audio Stories for Free -- free narrated stories
to play online or download to iPod or MP3 player, text available for
printing, too.  Excellent narrator!

Story Place -- some free online narrated stories, child clicks to turn page
(English and Spanish versions) from the Charlotte Public Library

American Folklore -- free online texts of folklore, tall tales, legends, etc.
retold by author S.E. Schlosser, includes one story from each US state

Tales of Wonder - free online texts of international folk tales

Fractured Fairy Tales -- a list of books that are take-offs or different
versions of famous tales, from the U of Calgary

Absolute Shakespeare -- free online text of his plays, sonnets, poems,  
plus quotes, histories and biographies

The Harvard Classics -- enjoy a free, online, 15-minute-a-day excerpt
from "The Five-Foot Shelf of Books"

Grimms Fairy Tales -- maybe not the best bedtime stories...

Classic Short Stories - free online texts

International Children's Digital Library -- their goal is to create a free
online collection of more than 10,000 books in at least 100 languages
that is available to children throughout the world

Also, visit the Learning Thru Literature pages for each subject in
Homeschooling by Subject !
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"Never lend books -- nobody ever returns them;
the only books I have in my library
are those which people have lent me." -- Anatole France