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The Homeschool Diner's Guide to
Great Homeschool Websites, Groups, and Blogs

Best Homeschooling -- wonderful essays and links to homeschooling

Learn in Freedom -- how to take initiative for your own family's learning,
nice list of colleges that admit homeschoolers, many excellent
bibliographies and essays

Leaping from the Box -- Articles and resources to assist home educators
and homeschoolers who desire to move beyond the "cookie-cutter box"

Homeschool Dads -- resources, support, and a forum

A Family Runs Through It -- a blog from a homeschool Dad

Kids Like Mine -- great essays, both thoughtful and amusing, on the ups
and downs of homeschooling bright children with special needs   

Bright Kids at Home -- homeschooling and traveling with gifted students

Grandma Homeschools --  for grandmothers who are involved with the
homeschool education of their grandchildren

Homeschool Hacks -- news about homeschooling and education, as well
as inspiration, support and wisdom from parents who are in the trenches,
parents who are dedicated to their children’s education.

The Denim Jumper -- cool design, lively chat boards

FOTR -- "families on the road" Rv-ing homeschool families

School of Abraham -- LDS-focused curriculum resources with tons of
great secular resources, too

Ignite The Fire: Free Firewood by Kathy Kearney --
links to free online educational resources

Making Peace with Destiny -- a homeschooling mom who has battled
against her own breast cancer
and bone cancer in both her children

Learning is for Everyone -- an education resource organization
supporting family choice in learning

Adventures in Our World -- a free homeschool e-magazine for the whole
family, includes poems and stories submitted by homeschooled kids

Homeschool Shoe Box Swap -- a Yahoo! group that pairs families to
swap info and inexpensive items about their locals, across the states and
across the world, a new swap every month ("hsshoeboxswap")

Flat Travelers Homeschool -- based on the book "Flat Stanley", a  Flat
Traveler is a person, animal, or thing made out of paper, you print or draw
your Traveler, laminate it, then mail it (along with a blank journal) to
someone in another area, state or country. ("flat_travelers_homeschool")

Postcard Kids -- a Yahoo! group that exchanges addresses and sends
cards to each other, around the world ("postcardkids")

Life Without School -- a homeschool blogging community

Imperfect genius -- a homechool blog by Susan

Why We Homeschool -- "ripped from the headlines" articles about
horrible things that happen in schools,,, complete with editor's snide
remarks.  (Now only an archive of past articles.)

Help! My Kids are Smarter Than Me! by the Princess Mom -- A blog
about schools, learning and fun stuff for kids who are gifted, but mostly just

The UpsideDown World  by Rebecca T -- Ruminations about parenting,
society, religion, politics and homsechooling in our upside down world.

HEM Guide to Homeschooling Resources lots of links to interesteing
and helpful websites

Why We Homeschool by the Cates -- ...why homeschooling can be a
better option for children and families than a traditional classroom setting

Homeschooling Around the World:

The Military Homechooler --
information, support, and forums for US military families homeschooling
around the world

Canadian Home Based Learning Resource Page
an informational website for Canadian homeschoolers

Education Otherwise
an informational website for homeschoolers in the UK

Kiwi Home Educator -- home education resources for New Zealand

ESCHA -- home education resources and support for South Africa

OFA -- home education in Chile (in Spanish)
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