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Juicy tidbits of conversation overheard at the diner counter...

>>What works for one child, may not work for another. <<

Be sure that each piece of school work you give your child has a
 that it is a necessary step on the path to learning... that it will
truly help him in meeting his and your ultimate educational goals.  Busy
work wastes time, drains energy, and tarnishes his joy in learning.

Your child will let you know if the curriculum isn't working - there
will routinely be stalling, and dawdling, and frustration, and tears.<<

Don't even bother buying curriculum until you have spent some time
along side your child playing games, taking walks, reading together, doing
things she wants to do - getting to know her, seeing how she learns best,
finding out what interests her, seeing what "lights her up" with joy.  Then,
when you sit down with a catalog, you will spot things that you "just know"
will be a good fit.<<

Don't buy curriculum that you haven't looked at, yourself.  If you really
must -- then be sure it is returnable.<<

School Closings happen to homeschoolers, too<<

Buying curriculum does not guarantee that you will actually use it.<<

Yes, you can teach your child!  Think of everything your child knew
before he even went to school - who taught him that?<<

>>When all else fails... go to the library<<

>>When all else fails... make brownies<<

>>When all else fails... stop and listen to some good music.<<

>>When all else fails... play with water<<

>>When all else fails... visit a museum

>>When all else fails... get out the Play-Doh<<

>>When all else fails.... leave it for another day<<

>If you have to stand over your child and help them with almost
every item in a workbook, then you need to figure out what is wrong.  

a.)  the work is too hard,
b.)  the work is too easy, and he can't be bothered turning on
his brain to deal with it
c.)  your child has figured out that he can finish quicker if *you*
answer the questions for him
d.)  your child does not learn well using workbooks
d.)  your child may have a hidden learning disability

It is a tough call - but it is your job, as a homeschool parent,
to figure it out.

Count yourself lucky that you and your children are free to play in
the yard in the morning sunshine... even on a Tuesday.<<

Homeschooling is more than just "school" -
it leads to closer families and a tangible joy in living and in learning.  
Make a point of enjoying yourselves as you go through your day.<<
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