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Educator's Discount

by Julie Shepherd Knapp,copyright 2006

Many businesses that sell school-related products give a discount to educators, as a professional
courtesy, and to draw in more educators as customers.  Check with the manager of any likely stores
you frequent and ask if they give an "Educator's Discount" and if so, are homeschool educators
included, too.  Chances are good that they will be -- and you can receive a 5 - 10% discount on eligible
purchases for your homeschool "classroom".

Two major chains that give educator discounts are Border's Books and Barnes and Nobel Books.  To
receive the discount you must have an Educator's Discount Card.  You can get this card by showing
"proof" of your status as a homeschooler, then filling out a short form.   Discounts do not apply to all
their products (music, magazines, and several other types of items are not eligible) but their policies
are explained when you sign up.

So, what is "proof" of your homeschooling status?  It often varies by state, and by store.  If your state
requires that a form be submitted or received  before you can homeschool, a copy of this form is often
what is asked for.  

Some stores will accept a membership card that shows you belong to a homeschool group. It is entirely
up to the store (and, sometimes, how each manager interprets the store policy)  Just ask what they will
accept as proof, and take it from there.  

If you haven't been required to submit or receive an official form, and you don't wish to join your state
homeschool association, but you are an "official", tote bag totin' homeschooler, you
're welcome to join
our free Network

To become a member of the
Homeschool Diner's Home-Based  Education Network, just take a
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this page in color, fill out the membership card below, cut it out, and now you're a
!  It could be acceptable proof of homeschooling for the store you are interested in...  
if not, well, it's something to help fill up the plastic sleeves in your wallet. :-)  
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