I've spent my whole life not talking to people,
and I don't see why I should start now.
-- Sally Ride, Astronaut (not homeschooled)

When I was in school,
the only bad grades I ever got
were C's in "conduct" or deportment.
I talked too much.
I didn't leave other kids alone.
I was told many times,
"You're not here to socialize."
—Sandra Dodd

The process of socialization
is nowhere near complete
at age five or six,
when modern children
start spending
up to half their waking hours
taking their cues from
other people's children.
-- Quinn Cummings.

There are many school families
that don’t get sucked into the
assembly-line socialization rut,
and thus teach their kids
to cultivate a mature social life
long before graduation.
-- Jennifer Fitz

I think schools generally do
an effective and terribly damaging job
of teaching children to be infantile,
dependent, intellectually dishonest,
passive, and disrespectful
to their own developmental capacities.
-- Seymour Papert.  
Copyright 2005 Julie Shepherd Knapp
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How Do Homeschoolers View Socialization?
School isn't the only place kids learn about getting along...  

by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright 2006

What exactly is "Socialization"?

Here are some dictionary definitions:

1.  to make fit for companionship with others; make sociable

2. the adoption of the behavior patterns of the surrounding culture

3. a continuing process whereby an individual acquires a personal identity and learns the norms,
values, behavior, and social skills appropriate to his or her social position

Here are some articles that address these issues:

What About Socialization? from the Minnesota Homeschool Alliance

3 Ways Homeschoolers Socialize Differently than School Kids by Jennifer Fitz

Yes, My Grown Homeschooled Children Are Odd — And Yours Will Be Too! by Diane Flynn
Keith... "...If you have dared to challenge government schooling or conventional private schooling, I
suspect you aren't normal or especially well-socialized either. Somehow you were impervious to social
conditioning enough to think outside the box. You're probably a little odd too...."

Myths and misperceptions about school bullying. "Bullying is part of life in the real world"... and
other myths about bullying from Bully Online

No, Thank you, We Don't Believe in Socialization by Lisa Russell

Do Schools Today Kill Creativity? -- a talk by Sir Ken Robinson  

Flowers Are Red by Harry Chapin
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