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Homeschooling, Divorce, and Custody Issues

by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright 2006

What to do when homeschooling becomes a divorce or custody issue...

Homeschooling and Custody Issues: Compromise and Education
are the Keys to Success by Linda J. Conrad Jansen, Esq.

Homeschooling After a Divorce -- by Debbie Schwarzer, Esq., Linda
J. Conrad, Esq., and Elizabeth Bryant, Esq.

How Rulings in Homeschooling Custody Cases Affect Us All by
Larry and Susan Kaseman -- explores options, offers tips on choosing
an attorney and for developing a strong case

Fathers and Homeschooling: A List of 10 Issues from The Thinking
Mother blog (scroll down to Tuesday, November 14, 2006) --
10 spousal problems related to homeschooling (this article assumes that
it is the husband who is against homeschooling, but in some families the
situation is reversed...)

Group Asks Court to Reconsider Removing Girl from Home
School by  Joshua Rhett Miller -- The court recognizes a 10-year-old  
girl is performing well, academically, but rules she must return to school
because father wants her to have exposure to different religious beliefs.

Home Schooling and Child Custody Determinations in Oklahoma
by Grant Griffiths -- an anti-homeschool ruling in Oklahoma overturned
on appeal (details of
Stephen v. Stephen 1997 ),

In another case (
Brown v. Brown 1999), a pro-homeschooling ruling,  
the right of the custodial father to homeschool was not over-turned in

In another case, custody was taken from the homeschooling mother
because the child could receive help for special needs in the public
school district where the dad lived (
Metz v. Metz 2000).

In another case (
Macfarlane v. Macfarlane 2006), a homeschool
mom's appeal is not over-turned after losing custody, even though "the
trial court noted that it was well aware that Husband “is autocratic,
egotistical, narcissistic and manipulative.” It continues that "The needs of
her children were not the driving force; rather it was her anger at Mr.
Macfarlane and her home schooling crusade that were the compelling
forces of her actions".    

Here is a
blog by Mamahadeen -- one Christian mom's opinion,
discusses how divorce has impacted homeschool moms she knows  

AHSA-USA Homeschooling and Custody -- an online support group
for homeschoolers involved in custody issues
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