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Which Online Homeschool Group Should I Join?

by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright 2006

You will find that every online homeschool group has its own personality and its own mix of  people that
have come together to discuss the "hows and whys" of homeschooling.  Some groups are very "chatty"
and people feel free to discuss all sorts of topics.  Some groups discourage anything but questions
that are directly related to homeschool issues.  

Some groups are happy to get recipe suggestions, jokes, prayer requests, movie reviews, "for sale"
notices, etc.  Other groups will have firm rules about what can and can't be posted.   A group's
description on their home page will let you know the basic rules, but it is always best to read a few
group posts to get a feel for how much open discussion there is on any particular group.  

It is always considered polite to ask the group moderator for permission before you post any type of
advertisement or "for sale" notice --  otherwise, you may be thought of as a "spammer" and promptly
deleted from the membership!  If all you want to do is post to a group about a homeschool product or
service that you have to offer... then it is best to e-mail the group owner directly, and send them the
information or advertisement (rather than joining the group).  If they think your product or service
would be of interest to their group, they will pass it along. :-)

You will probably want to join more than one e-group, because you will get different kinds of helpful
info from each group you join. Local groups are great for finding out about local events, and making
local contacts, but may be small, and members may not do much online "sharing". Larger regional
groups may discuss some topics and events you have no interest in... but may have a lot of parents
willing to chat about their homeschool experiences.  

Since there is no charge for joining most online groups, you can "Join" as many as you'd like... then
simply "Leave" the ones that turn out to be "not what you were looking for".  Before you know it, you will
have an online support network that provides you with the level of advice, resource suggestions, and
friendly chat that you, personally, find helpful.
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