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The Homeschool Diner's Guide to
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Finding Support

Other Places to Find Homeschoolers

by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright 2006

Your local public library is a good place to begin.  Ask the children's librarian if he or she can put you
in contact with a homeschool family -- offer to leave your name and phone number for her to pass
along.  Ask the reference librarian if she keeps a file on homeschool information -- there may be local
meeting announcements in the folder.  Another idea is simply to show up at the library on several
weekdays in a row.  If you see families with older children at the library during school hours, odds are
they are homeschoolers!  Take a chance and introduce yourself as a new homeschooler.  Hopefully,
they can refer you to a local group contact.

4-H is a wonderful program and many homeschool families find that its numerous educational projects,
and art, music, and drama competitions  fit right in with their homeschool curriculum.  Call your County
(Cooperative) Extension office (or visit their website) and speak with the  4-H representative.  Ask if he
or she knows of any 4-H clubs that have a lot of homeschooling members.  

Check with your local Girl Scout and Boy Scout councils to see if there are any homeschool troops in
your area.

Many homeschool families participate in community theater.  If that is an activity that your family would
enjoy, do some research to find groups that include children in their plays.  Check your local
newspaper and bulletin boards for plays and audition notices.  To find regional theater groups, try
searching Northwestern's listing of
Children's Theaters and the member directory of the American
Association of
Community Theater .

Many YMCAs include a Homeschool Swim and Gym program.  Call around to see if there is one in
your region.

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