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The Homeschool Diner's Guide to
Homeschooling Basics
Finding Support

Finding Local Homeschool Support Groups

by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright 2006

These days, many local homeschool support groups have their own website -- do a Google search for
your area (city, county, region, etc) and the word "homeschool".   Also check with your state
homeschool support group - they may have an online listing of state groups or they may have regional
coordinators who maintain lists of groups.  Another good place to look is the support group database
on the
National Home Educators Network (NHEN)  website.  

If you join a local or state online homeschool group you can ask online if anyone knows of "real-life"
groups in your area.  If you don't find any local groups... consider
Starting Your Own Homeschool

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