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Finding Support

Online Homeschool Support Groups

by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright 2006

The Internet has drawn people together in many ways, and as a result, the world seems a much
smaller place.  There are online homeschool groups to fit every homeschool style and some that draw
members from all over the world.  You can chat about transcripts with a mom from Texas, then answer
a question from a mom in South Africa, then trade online science resources with a dad in Australia.  
The homeschooling community extends to all corners of the globe... and online e-groups are what
bring us together -- to share with and to support each other on our separate homeschool journeys.

You may never actually meet the members of national and international e-groups.  Most local and
state online groups, however, have members who meet in real life for play groups and outings.  When
you join a state or local e-group you can ask if there are any other families near you that would like to
get together.  You can arrange a trip to the zoo or a park and meet up with other homeschoolers
there.  You can also ask on-line for referrals to other “real life” homeschool groups that may be
meeting in your area.   

On the Internet, as in real life, support groups provide a sense of community and foster relationships
between homeschooling families.  Through play dates, field trips, and homeschool classes, support
groups promote social interaction and offer a variety of learning opportunities.

Many online homeschool groups are hosted on independent servers, and can be found by doing a
Google search.  Many others are hosted on Yahoo! and do not always show up in Google listings.  
Read these  
Tips on Searching for Yahoo! Homeschool Groups if you're having trouble finding
one in your area.

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Social media are a catalyst for the
advancement of everyone's rights.
It's where we're reminded that
we're all human and all equal.
It's where people can find and fight
for a cause, global or local,
popular or specialized,
even when there are
hundreds of miles between them.
-- Queen Rania of Jordan

hese technologies can make life easier,
can let us touch people
we might not otherwise.
You may have a child with a birth defect
and be able to get in touch
with other parents and support groups,
get medical information, t
he latest experimental drugs.
These things can
profoundly influence life.
I'm not downplaying that.

-- Steve Jobs