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The Homeschool Diner's Guide to
Homeschooling Basics
Finding Support

State and Provincial Homeschool Organizations

by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright 2006

These organizations were once the main source of homeschool information and support, and are the
most reliable place to find out  about your state or provincial  homeschool regulations.  Their websites
usually have a summary of the homeschooling requirements and also provide a link to the actual
regulations for your state or province, which you really need to read for yourself, because you are the
person responsible for meeting those requirements. To find out more about how to meet homeschool
requirements, take a look at
Know your State or Provincial Homeschool Regulations and your
School District

State and provincial homeschool organizations all charge membership dues.  Most send out a helpful
periodic newsletter and many host annual homeschool conferences.  Some of the organizations have a
listing of local support groups on their websites, and most keep a membership listing that they will
make available to you, if you join.  Some homeschool organizations are more active than others, and
will host activities and speakers throughout the year.  

To find your particular homeschool organization, do a Google search for the word "homeschool" and
your state or province name to find their websites.  In each US state there are often both a Christian
homeschool organization and a general homeschool organization (not aligned with a particular
religion).  If you live in a remote area, or you are unable to find a local support group that meets your
needs, you will probably find membership in the state or provincial organization very helpful.

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