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Finding Support

What is a Homeschool Support Group...
and do I need to find one?

by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright 2006

Homeschool support groups are basically, a bunch of parents that get together to socialize, share
advice, and, generally, help each other out.  Some groups are very informal, such as those that meet
to give the children time to play and the moms a chance to chat.  Other groups charge dues, have
formal meetings, and set rules of participation.  Some groups are built around a common focus, such
as the type of homeschooling approach used or the religion of the members, and are, as such,
"exclusive" (meaning that only members that "fit in" are welcome).  Other groups are "general" support
groups, with no major focus, and are  "inclusive" (meaning that they accept homeschooling families of
all types).  What type of group you choose depends on your preferences, and what is available to you
in your area.  

Participating in a homeschool support group gives you a chance to meet other homeschooling families,
learn how to best meet your state's homeschooling regulations, ask questions of veteran
homeschoolers, learn about different educational approaches, find out about local events, and hear
about new resources.  Some groups organize outings for the children, and some groups develop
learning co-ops to share the task of teaching several subjects.  

If you homeschool with others from your place of worship, and plan to use the same curriculum that
other members use, and meet with them for social events and field trips... then, you probably don't
need to go looking for a support group -- you've already got a great one!

If you don't have a "ready made" support group, then you really should start looking for one.  A good
support group can help make homeschooling easier, more interesting, and more fun for your children
(and for you, too).

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