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Don’t Mensa your words-- funny modified word definitions

Mickey Mouse Piano Solo - The Opry House (1929)

Tom & Jerry Hungarian Rhapsody No 2 Liszt

Kill The Wabbit (What's Opera, Doc) --directed by Chuck Jones

The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics an old
cartoon directed by Chuck Jones (of Bugs Bunny fame ;-)

Buddy Greene -- amazing harmonica at Carnegie Hall

Women in Film -- a cool morphing of faces by YouTube's eggman913
Men in Film --  a cool morphing of faces by YouTube's eggman913

50 Nifty United States written by Ray Charles
US state capital song -- from the Animaniacs

Orchard Hangman -- "appley" words ;-)

Hogwarts Hangman -- test your harry Potter vocabulary

Halloween Hangman -- snide remarks included ;-)

Book Report on Peter Rabbit by the Charlie Brown Gang

Coyote v. Acme Products Corp by Ian Frazier

Western Spaghetti by PES -- a clever stop-action dinner ;-)

Cats in Sinks -- It's about cats. In sinks.

Happy Fun Ball -- a parody ad from Saturday Night Live

I Will Survive (Homeschooling) -- a clever take off on the old Gloria
Gaynor song

The Overachieving Homeschooler's Quiz a funny quiz from Secular
Homeschooling magazine

Michael Moschen -- juggling as visual music (37 mins)

Sort of Dunno Nothin' by Peter Denahy of Queensland Australia

ARE) BY BARBARA HOLLAND -- snide, snarky, and funny ;-)

Stationery Is Bad -- funny series of 3 commercials of office workers
having workplace mishaps centered around office products

Sprite - love -- in honor of all the great daddies out there ;-)

Pancakes for Your Face -- a fun stop-action video

William Shatner Does Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds  (yikes!)

The Bitter Homeschooler's Wish List from Secular Homeschooling

A mom song -- funny performance by Anita Renfroe

The Hauntening -- funny (some reading skills required ;-)

Vienna Vegetable Orchestra -- gotta see it to believe it :-)

Smart Bird -- an amazing performance!

The Bayeux Tapestry comes alive by Proff Richard Nokes, Troy U

Strange Faces I Can Make -- oddly humorous ;-)
Re: Strange Faces... -- ditto ;-)

Popularity Meter -- are you more popular than wet socks? Click on
"Nope" to begin

Did You Know? -- amazing facts and predictions for the near future

Coffee Art -- a mighty "purty" cup o' joe

MIT Idol -- if college admissions was more like Idol...

Tech Support for a New System --  too funny ;-)

A Love Song in Many Languages  including Elvish! ("Quenya")

Say I Love You in 30 Languages from Enchanted Learning

Please Plant This Book -- a book by Richard Braughtigan, 1968

Give VW a Hand -- great hand shadows

Escher lego -- too cool

Pun of the Day -- subscribe (free) or just enjoy

We Will Rock You -- animated version with "water" kids

George Lucas in Love -- search not for inspiration -- find you, it will

Darth Vader Being a Jerk -- I think we've all been there ;-)

Time of the Season -- for college applications, that is

Juggling in a Cone -- amazingly awesome

"Old" Math (?) -- how's your "learnin"?

The Chub Chubs -- cute sci-fi animation

Pipe Dream -- music machine by Animusic (buy the DVD here )

What Kind of Homeschooler are You? Quiz -- on Quizilla Quizzes

Top Ten Reasons to Criminalize Homeschooling  from the Grizzly
Mama Blog -- cynical, tongue-in cheek reasons that homeschooling is bad

Seldom Asked Questions (SAQ's) about Homeschooling --
homeschool humor

55 Reasons to Homeschool -- from NHEM... in case you need reasons

MORE Diner Fun :-)

Lots of Mindless Diner Fun
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