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Copyright 2006 by Julie Shepherd Knapp.  All rights reserved.
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Mindless Diner Fun...

complied by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright 2006

Lots of fun ways to kill time and amaze the kids... ;-)

Websites can change owners without notice -- please, always double-check links for
appropriateness *before allowing children to click on them*

Click the Ball -- not as easy as it sounds ;-)

Flip the Page -- it CAN be done!

Clicky Colors -- from

follow the arrows...

necklace music

cat herding exercise -- good mouse practice ;-)

Cute Little Piggy

Click Bored -- bordom squared ;-) ... fractal-icious

Vai Avanti Wave -- I think i feel seasick...

ribbons by Neave Imagination

Resonata -- a Wave Machine by Fergus Ray Murray

ManintheDark -- talk about mellow...

Light Saber Simulator -- Luke, I am your Father...

Crazy Rabbit by Andrius Kirvela -- spry little guy!

SP*C*L*D*FCTS -- stop following me!

Cellular Automatron in 3D Space -- click and spin... too cool

crazymachine by zefrank -- type to make sound effects

Smoke Ring2 by by Glen Murphy

Spun3 by Glen Murphy

Plagues12 by Glen Murphy

Grid3 by -- not interactive,  but fun to watch by Glen Murphy

spooky hairy monster -- don't scare the little ones!
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