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How are the Approaches different from Each Other?

In general, the various homeschooling approaches can be described as being more or less structured,
more or less "school-like", and more or less child-directed.  Different approaches also use different
types of learning materials, such as textbooks vs hands-on activities vs games.     

There are some methods, such as
Unit Studies, Eclectic Homeschooling, and Unschooling, that
incorporate several approaches and use a variety of materials and resources.  These three methods
are relatively less structured, less school-like, and allow a parent to easily individualize their approach
to meet a particular child's abilities, learning preferences, and educational goals.  

Other methods, such as
School-at-Home and Classical Education, are more structured in their
approach, more like traditional school, and encourage a strict adherence to their curriculum.  Of
course, homeschool parents still have some options within these methods, and some lee-way to modify
the lessons for their child's needs.  

The other methods and curriculum fall somewhere in between.  Remember that each homeschooling
family has the right to decide how structured, school-like, and prescribed their homeschool will or won't

What will you and your child be comfortable with?

That is one of the most important benefits of homeschooling - you have the freedom of choice...

How much choice do I have?
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