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Auditory Processing Disorders in Gifted Children

by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright 2006

Auditory processing refers to the brain's function of analyzing and making
sense of what a person hears.   People with
APD have difficulty effectively
using auditory information, including verbal instructions, and have trouble
with auditory discrimination, such as focusing on a lecturer's voice in a noisy
room.  APD affects language development, communication, and learning.  
APD can be diagnosed by a specially trained Audiologist.

Resources for CAPD/APD:
(specific to gifted children)

What is Central Auditory Processing Disorder?  -- information from the
National Institute of Health

CAPD preferred test protocol and particular difficulties of testing gifted
children  -- a list (by the Drs. Eide) on what to look for in CAPD testing

Gifted children devise clever compensation strategies that may hide their
CAPD, until they encounter more challenging situations in middle or high
school -- information from the New South Wales Association for Gifted and
Talented Children

Strategies for coping with CAPD in the classroom -- info from LD-Online

An online CAPD support group is available thru this website "CAPD: From
the Heart of a Mother"
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