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The Homeschool Diner's Guide to
Homeschooling Special Situations

Military Homeschoolers

by Julie Shepherd Knapp

Whether you are a homeschooler who is new to the military... or in the
military, but new to homeschooling... you will find information,
resources, and support at these websites...

The Military Homeschooler --  homeschool articles and resources
geared toward the American military family, including an online
support group --

Some General FAQs about military homescholing from the National
Home Education Network (NHEN)

FAQs about DoD Policy Policy Memorandum on Home
Schooling dated November 6, 2002 by

Homeschool Recruitment Policy by Reliable, 2-06-06

Homeschool Graduates Enlisting in the Military from the HSLDA,

Support groups

Homeschool Military -- an online support group

Military Homeschoolers Discussion Board by vegesource

Christian Military Homeschool Mamas -- an online support group

The Military Home Front -- a blog and e-newsletter for military
homeschool families

Army Homeschool -- a new-ish group for army homeschoolers

Related Resources

Air Force Crossroads Teen and Youth Page -- links to dozens of
educational websites and games for kids

US Coast Guard Printables -- scroll down for coloring pages and

Military Teens on the Move -- advice and support for frequently
moving teens
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