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Homeschooling the Bipolar Child
by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright 2006

About Pediatric Bipolar Disorder

The Bi-polar Child a book and website by Demitri Papolos, M.D. and
Janice Papolos   

Intense Minds: Through the Eyes of Young People with Bipolar
Disorder by Tracy Anglada

ADHD vs Bipolar Disorder in Kids -- discusses the differences in what
may seem to be overlapping symptoms  

Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation   

Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation --

The Therapeutic Home -- an excerpt from Bipolar Disorders: A
Guide to Helping Children and Adolescents
by Mitzi Walsh

Online Support

Educating the Bipolar Child -- an online group for parents of bipolar
children in any educational setting

HS-Plus -- a group for those homeschooling children with Tourette's,
OCD, ADD/ADHD, Bipolar, and many other disorders and differences

Homeschooling Extraordinary Kids -- if your child is very bright, as
well as having a disorder, you may find it helpful to join this group

Related Issues

Creativity in familial bipolar disorder by Diana I. Simeonova, et. al

The Explosive Child: A New Approach for Understanding and
Parenting Easily Frustrated, "Chronically Inflexible" Children -- an
interview with author, Ross Greene

Suicide Crisis Center -- lists of hotlines and words of support

Does your child have a disorder... or is he or she "gifted"? -- an
excerpt from a book by James T. Webb, "Misdiagnosis and Dual
Diagnosis of Gifted Children"  

Learn more about being gifted
Copyright 2006 Julie Shepherd Knapp.  All rights reserved.
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