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The Homeschool Diner's Guide to
Homeschooling Special Situations
Learning Disabilities

Online Support for a Variety of Special Needs

by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright 2006

Special Needs -- National Home Education Network's resource list for
special needs homeschooling, includes support groups, e-mail groups,
websites, and recommended books

special-needs-homeschool -- online support group for those
homeschooling special needs or medically fragile children

Homeschooling Special Needs Kidz -- a Yahoo! support group for
parents homeschooling children with any and all special needs

HS-Plus -- online support for those homeschooling children with a wide
variety of special needs

Children's Disability Mailing Lists -- compilation of support groups for all
sorts of special needs ( including prematurity and adoptive issues)

HS-Bipolar-- online support for parents homeschooling children with
Bipolar Disorder or a related mood disorder

deaf homeschool -- for those homeschooling children who are deaf or

blindhomeschooler -- for those homeschooling children who are visually

Megans Hope -- for those homeschooling children with photosensitivity
and skin diseases

HomeschoolingandDownsyndrome -- for families who are
homeschooling or want to homeschool their child with Down Syndrome

Homeschooling with Chronic Illnesses -- support for parents who are
homeschooling and also have a chronic illness

Adopt and Homeschool -- for the parents of internationally adopted
children who choose to educate their children at home

Homeschooled Multiples -- parent who are homeschooling or thinking of
homeschooling twins, triplets and more