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The Homeschool Diner's Guide to
Homeschooling Special Situations

Helpful Resources for
Working with Special Needs at Home

by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright 2006

Some Therapy Options

Occupational Therapy in Educational Settings -- AOTA Fact Sheet
describing how OT can help school aged children

Art Therapy -- FAQ's from the American Art Therapy Association

Music Therapy  -- AMTA FAQ's describe how music therapy can help
children with special needs

Dance/Movement Therapy -- FAQs from the American Dance Therapy

American Hippotherapy Association -- physical, occupational and
speech therapy treatment strategy that utilizes horseback riding

Some Sources for Specialty Products:

Special Education Product Finder at -- software
options categorized by disability and/or skill sets

Intellitools -- learning technology for the diverse classroom, software
products for math and language arts, computer accessories

Integrations -- helpful products for learning and sensory needs

Therapro -- helpful products catagorized by task

Blooming Kids -- software for children with special needs

The FrogPad -- one handed portable wireless keyboard at Edmund

GO Talk -- a recordable, speaking keyboard with large symbol keys

PASS Textbooks from the Curriculum Improvement Project -- middle
school textbooks ahve bee re-written to be more readable for students
with special needs, 8 books available for free downloading

TeachTown -- a subscription service designed for children with a
developmental age of 2-7 years, geared toward children on the autism
spectrum, a "comprehensive, self-adjusting curriculum", covers reading,
language, social, and cognitive skills, includes both on-computer lessons
and off-computer activities

Time4Learning -- (pre-K - 8th) multimedia instruction, use their
complete curriculum or as a supplement, animated interactive lessons,
printable worksheets, and assessments, mixes educational lessons with
learning games, monthly subscription fee

Brainware Safari -- software designed to enhance cognitive skills in a  
video game format thru puzzle-solving exercises.  View a talk on
In Time
TV about the product and intended goals for cognitive skills development
(scroll down and click on the talk by Jonas Moses PhD)

Oriental Trading Company -- many small items for use in activities
"Start by doing what's necessary, then what's possible, and suddenly
you are doing the impossible" -- Francis of Assisi