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Help for Kids Who Hate to Write:
Word Retrieval and Narrative Activities

by Julie Shepherd knapp, copyright 2006

Some simple activities and strategies to help kids who hate to write
become interested in words and writing...

When children have trouble finding the right words to express what they
are thinking, or they have a hard time verbally describing events or
telling stories, you will probably see the same issues in their writing.  
They might struggle to think of what to write about, be slow at finding the
right words for their ideas, and have trouble putting sentences together
to say what they really want to say.  

Many kids have occasional problems like this with writing, especially if
they are working on a writing assignment that doesn't appeal to them, but
some children have serious difficulties --every time.  These kids soon
become discouraged and begin to hate all forms of writing.  

The games and activities in this section provide practice with word
retrieval, verbal narrative, and written narrative. Several of the activities
even result in a written product – be sure to hang these up for display!  
Seeing their successes (and growth) can give courage to both of you.  

Many of the advanced activities in this section require reading and
spelling.  Feel free to modify the activities and game rules to fit the
abilities of your child.  

For children who don't have much experience with writing -- young
children and late bloomers -- these activities may be just what you need
to jump start their natural abilities. It is quite appropriate to take dictation
from a young child or one who doesn't write quickly.  Team-up with a
young child so you can give hints and help him or her play.  

A child who only wants to observe may still learn from watching… and
might join in later when he or she feels more comfortable with the
activity.  If a child is adamant about not playing… it may be that the
activity is too advanced or too fast-paced.  Leave it for several months,
or even a year, before trying it again.    

Note that if your child hates to write and also complains that writing is
painful, or if your child has very poor handwriting for his or her age -- he
or she may have a learning disability called dysgraphia.  Take a look at
the Homeschool Diner page on
Dysgraphia for more information.  

Word Retrieval Activities and Games

The ability to find the right words to express an idea is called word
retrieval, word recall, or word-finding.  The activities and games in this
section provide a framework for children to practice thinking of and using
all kinds of words – nouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs.  The
Beginning Level activities build in difficulty, so begin at the beginning.  

Beginning Level

Advanced Level

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