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Environmental Education and Activism

by Julie Shepherd knapp, copyright 2006

Resources for the "green" at heart... some politically aligned, some
special interest, some nonpartisan

Curriculum and Lesson Plans

Project Learning Tree -- environmental curriculum for K -12, includes
activities and technology connections

Virginia Naturally -- K -12 education resources

Environmental Health Science Education Curriculum - free online
lesson plans for K - 12, from the National Institute of Health (NIH)

NIEHS Kid Pages -- activites and games from the National Institute of
Environmental Health Science

Environmental Health Science  -- links to online student activities and
summer opportunities for K - 12, from the NIH

The Greens from PBS Kids includes an activity guide for kids 9-12

TOX Mystery -- interactive Flash tutorial on potentially toxic household
items for K - 6, from the NIH
TOX Town -- flash tutorial introduces common environmental health risks
in towns, cities, farms, ports, and the US/Mexico Border. 6 - 12

World Ecosystems Beyond Borders (WEBB): An Environmental
Curriculum for Wisconsin Students -- K - 12 educational resources

“My Environment, My Health, My Choices” from the U of Rochester
Medical Center --  (grades 9 - 12) units on pesticides, mercury, etc.

Facts, Not Fear: A P arent's Guide to Teaching Children about the
Environment by Michael Sanera and Jane S. Shaw

An Inconvenient Truth -- website and educator's resources

Kid's Planet: Defend it! -- suggestions for helping preserve wildfile

US Environmental Protection Agency -- teacher's resources

Kids Planet: Wolf Curriculum --  in depth unit on wolves

The Habitable Planet -- a free online multimedia textbook suitable for
advanced high school students

The Precious Envelope -- earth's atmosphere is examined through
theories of chemical evolution; ozone depletion and the greenhouse effect
are explained (part 17 of the 26-part free online chemistry course)

AP and Honors textbooks on Environmental Science and Ecology
from Prentice Hall  Two other publishers
Sinauer and Associates and
WH Freeman have nice selections of higher-level books on ecology, life
sciences, and the environment

UCCP Open Access College Prep -- free online self-paced AP courses,
including AP Environmental Science, includes simulated labs

Looking ahead to college?  Here is a nice world-wide list of public
universities that have strong
environmental studies programs,
compiled by Brown University. Not included on their list is
St. John's
University, a private Catholic college with one of the oldest programs,
established in 1973.

Environmental Design -- tons of resources for green design and
building from the UC Berkley Libbrary

Multi-Media Projects Promoting Environmental Awareness

Sarah McLachlan video for "World on Fire" (wonderful :-)

Earth Day Ecological Footprint Quiz -- how large an impact does your
life have on the world?

Unsolved Mysteries of Human Health -- an interactive tutorial on how
health scientists explore and solve environmental toxin mysteries

Grocery Store Wars -- a short, funny video (take off on Star Wars)
about pesticide use on produce, and farming corporations

The Meatrix -- the "truth" about where our most of our meat comes from

Bjorn Lomborg on Environmental Triage -- how to prioritize the
world's environmental and health crises, a TED Talk

US Fish and Wildlife Service Kid's Corner -- endangered species
slide shows and tutorials

Mercy Mercy Me by Marvin Gaye -- classic song on Youtube

This Pretty Planet by Tom Chapin -- wonderful kid's songs about the
environment (I especially recommend cuts 12, 13, 14, and 15 :-)

Big Yellow Taxi (Paved Paradise) --
Joni Mitchell 1970 version and
Counting Crows version

My City Was Gone (Way to go Ohio) by the Pretenders

Look Out Any Window (and see what's going on) by Bruce Hornsby
&The Range (you get to play it 3 times for free here)

Environmental  Websites

YouThink! -- answers to kid's questions about global issues, from the
World Bank

EcoGeek -- e-zine covers pro-environmental technology

Civilized Nation -- e-zine that covers "inspirational news stories of
inovation, hope and progress, of great ideas coming to fruition"
that are typically "tucked away in the backs of newspapers and
magazines...", people making a positive difference

United Nations Environmental Programme
Natural Resources Conservation Services
Sierra Club
National Arbor Day Foundation
American Forest Foundation
Master Gardeners Program -- from the American Horticultural Society

USEPA Superfund Program  and USEPA Environmental Education  
Environment Canada
US Geological Survey --  science education, natural disasters
US Department of Energy -- energy resources and the environment

Global Footprint Network
GRACE -- Grass Roots Action Center for the Environment

Green Party of the US
Green Party of Canada
Young Greens -- from the Green Party of England and Wales

Related Issues

Animal Dissection Kits and Wildlife Concerns from Earth Talk

Organics: Are They Worth It? by Peter Jaret of

Our Stolen Future    

Plastics at a Glance -- a listing of plastics and their chemical make-up

Thinking Green Fit Pregnancy  

Vegetarian 101 from PETA -- information, recipes, Vegetarian Stater Kit

The Skeptical Environmentalist: Measuring the Real State of the
World By Bjørn Lomborg --challenges widely held beliefs that the world
environmental situation is getting worse and worse

Poisoning, Toxicology, and Environmental Topics from MedLinePlus
-- an objective (not alarmist) medically-based coverage of these topics...
but may still be anxiety-producing for younger or sensitive children.

Ecological Ethics: An Introduction by Patrick Curry  -- a philosophical
look at environmentalism

Environmental careers for the 21st Century ? -- two books that
describe career trends and opportunities
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