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The Homeschool Diner's

"Click-O-Matic" Guide to
Choosing a Homeschool Approach

by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright 2006

Get answers to the most-frequently asked question --
"How Do I Homeschool?"

Overwhelmed by all the choices in homeschooling approaches
and curriculum?  
As a homeschooling parent you have the freedom to choose the best educational
approach for each of your children.  Whether you choose to follow a public school scope and
sequence or try out an  alternative approach; whether you choose to buy a curriculum or pull together
your own resources, it's entirely up to you.  
It is a big decision!  

Try out the Homeschool Diner's "Click-O-Matic Guide to Choosing a Homeschool Approach!  It's
a quiz --- and an annotated guide --
designed to help you think about what kind of approach you and your student really need...  

Click-O-Matic approach to looking at curriculum may help you find just what you've been looking
for!  If you see descriptions that match your student -- take a look at the approaches recommended for
that  characteristic, and then
"Click" on the ones you'd like to read more about.  If you see a topic that
applies to you, as the homeschooling parent -- take a look at the recommendations, and then
on the ones you want to explore....   

Dont' wait!  Act now!  Just "
Click" on the topics below to begin!

The "Click-O-Matic" Guide to
Choosing a Homeschool Approach

Student's Profile:
Student's Learning Preferences
Student's Favorite Subjects
Student's Personality

Parent's Profile:
Parent's personality
Parent's Special Considerations

...Or, you can skip the quiz, and just browse thru the Homeschool Diner's  Guide to
Homeschooling Approaches
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Homeschool Diner's

Click-O-Matic Guide

to Choosing a
Homeschool Approach